My name is Matilda Constance Draper. Folks not young

enough to call me ma'am know me as Mattie.




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Mrs. Quigley's Kidnapping

When Mattie Draper opened her Chicago detective agency in 1968, she was one of only a handful of female Private Investigators nationwide. For the first three months, her cases offered no greater challenge than finding lost pets and wayward spouses—until someone kidnapped Diana Quigley. In a race to find the missing woman, Mattie tries to untangle the helpful information supplied by a growing lists of suspects.

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...A Great New Crime Story!



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The prose was fresh and crisp, and went along at the perfect pace.



...a refreshing addition to their collection of 'who dunnit' thrillers



...A really well written mystery set in the 1960's when women PI's certainly were not part of the picture.



This book is a very entertaining read.



Sheldon again presents her protagonist with a full slate of suspects.




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