It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit

around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing.
Gertrude Stein 




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The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action
by Laurence Overmire

"Time is of the essence. We must begin to look out for one another. We must think about the welfare of our children and the generations to follow... "

Laurence Overmire


"A thoughtful commentary on the biggest issue of our day - the survival of humankind." Thom Hartmann, author and host


"Many people are aware of the shift happening around us. Something is different. The hate, anger, greed, and narcissism we have wallowed in for decades can no longer be ignored. It is time for change. In The One Idea
That Saves the World, Laurence Overmire offers not only the bleak truth that the fire in our house is out of control, but also the role we can and do play in either fanning the flames or grabbing a bucket to douse them. And yes, he offers a number of buckets. The book is packed with truth, wisdom, and ideas on how to become involved, along with Overmire's inspiring poetry. It challenges us to be our very best selves and be a part of the change. To help you in that goal, I suggest you take along a copy of The One Idea that Saves the World." Jean Sheldon, author, Monet’s Palette

"I don't know that it will save the world, but this message of unity certainly reflects both the science around climate change and the movement we must build to challenge it!" Bill McKibben, founder

"This poet rightly yells Fire in our crowded house—the hour is late and the world needs rousing. Kudos for caring, daring, and acting on it. Firefighters needed!" Raffi Cavoukian, singer, author, children's champion, ecology advocate, founder of Child Honouring



Dancing the River Lightly

by R.H. Sheldon


A Matter of Life, Death,
and More Important Things…

Paul Kazinski’s spiritual quest began with a dream, a dream in which God told him that it might not be a bad idea to take a little trip. God also mentioned—as an afterthought—that Paul should use the time to settle down a bit, to take a breather from his busy schedule. “Whatever sounds good to you,” God said, “just don’t make too big a deal out of the whole thing.”

—from Chapter One, “Sunday Afternoon”


And so begins Paul's quest, as he and five others—strangers with little in common—embark on a journey of discovery and self-realization, a journey that seems anything but natural.


After a series of unlikely events leads this small group to the Cascade Mountains, they become stranded by a torrential downpour that forces each of them to confront their own ghosts, even as they struggle to survive the storm.

Dancing the River Lightly takes you on a fun romp through a world where fantasy merges with reality, fact with fiction. Anyone who is a fan of magical realism, spiritual adventure, and a twisting, whimsical plot will enjoy the nonstop ride. As amusing as it is thoughtful, Dancing the River Lightly challenges our notions about our place in the world and how we got there.




Barb Bancroft



Barb Bancroft is a widely acclaimed national speaker, noted for her humorous, entertaining and information packed seminars. She is author of the books Medical Minutiae, An Apple a Day—the ABCs of Diet and Disease and Live a Little, Laugh a Lot.


Many people can conduct health seminars, or write books on health, but very few can make them both thoroughly informative and entertaining. Barb Bancroft makes complex health topics easily understandable, appealing and hilarious.


Barb Bancroft, RN, MSN, PNP has provided more than 2000 educational and motivational seminars on clinical topics and health maintenance topics to healthcare professionals and corporations throughout the US and Canada.




Connie Hill

Connie Carmichael Hill found her passion at Portland's New Renaissance Bookshop and had the pleasure of meeting and exercising her "Nosey-bone," interviewing 45 well-known spiritual teacher for a local alternative publication. Connie also helped hundreds make drums and rattles and other spiritual tools, and others make changes with astrology. Those experiences led to, among other things, the release of her book, Money Stories.


What is your relationship with money?

How does it influence your emotional, spiritual, and material life? Above all, what kinds of changes do you wish to make about your present financial reality? Through the interviews, stories and reflections offered in this book, you'll share paths that others are taking to transform the role of money in their lives. You'll discover how struggles that others have had with money become guidelines to greater balance and healing. The author's warm and insightful conversations take you beyond simplistic how-to-instructions to unveil your own map and compass to greater abundance and peace. (Money Stories is available at Amazon)



Jean M Lubeckis

Counselor/Therapist, LMHC


For 24 years I have been privileged to assist people during challenging periods of their lives. Those challenges include addictions, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, work, sexuality, grief and loss, past or present abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic illness. Contemporary life is challenging with many stressors that can negatively impact us and our relationships. My goal is to be your guide on your life journey and help you feel balance and comfort in life. Through an eclectic approach to your issues, we will seek solutions that allow you peace and freedom from past or present difficulties. 




Elite Indie Reads

Sorting the wheat from the chaff in the new world of indie and self publishing. Let us help you find the best in self published and indie authors.



A New Way of Publishing Your Book

Lucky Bat Books™ is leading the charge in a revolution to give writers what they need without taking royalties. We offer an entirely new publishing model to writers.




Dr. Veronica Esagui

Chiropractic Physician, Author, and Public Speaker


Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Veronica Esagui found her career in chiropractic (literally by accident) when she was told she needed back surgery, following a lifting injury. She felt the results first hand. Not needing any drugs or surgery to accomplish her personal miracle, she decided to go back to school and help others in the same way she had been helped. While treating a couple of young patients with scoliosis, she developed The Esagui Scoliosis Protocol (TESP), a very specific group of exercises which, along with chiropractic adjustments, proved to help reverse scoliosis.




Stark Studios

Melissa Stark


Dare to Dream
No project is to small or to big.
If you want to record your first album, just a few songs for a demo, record a song you wrote for your sweetheart, or anything else in between, Mel can help you. So go ahead... Dare to Dream - book reviews, author interviews  

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