And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

—Anais Nin




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A Collection of Poems

by Jean Sheldon


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Puzzled by the Clues

A Nic and Nora Mystery Book 2


When long time friend, Professor Charles Bohn, is found dead supposedly by his own hand, Anna Owen suspects foul play. The Owen gang investigation heads to the professor's home but stalls when a mysterious prowler runs into Anna as he tries to escape through the back door.

The second Nic & Nora Mystery, Puzzled by the Clues, follows both the blossoming relationship of Nic and Nora and that of Anna and Allen. Characters at the heart of the Owen gang and those on the perimeter, offer humor, wisdom, and the belief that there is always hope. As Anna points out, "Maybe after two World Wars, people are beginning to understand the insanity of hate."

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She Overheard Murder

Introducing the Nic and Nora Mystery series


On October 29, 1945, Nicole Owen made her first appearance on the new radio show, Inez Ingalls, Private I. Her career began only three weeks earlier when Stage Manager, Frank Meyers, hired her to read ad copy and work as an understudy. When lead actress Carolyn Park is murdered, Nic moves into both the starring role and a top spot on the list of suspects. Cecil Park, husband of the murdered woman, wants answers. So does Nora Hahn, Carolyn's 'special friend' for fourteen years.


World War II is over, and those who lived through it want life to return to 'normal'. For homosexuals, hiding who they are, and living with insults and often-dangerous reactions when others discover their secret, is normal.


In She Overheard Murder, introduces the characters in the new Nic and Nora Mystery series—enlightening, entertaining, and often fun mysteries solved by lesbian amateur detectives in post-World War II Chicago. 


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An Uncluttered Palette

After an accident destroyed her hand and Rayna Hunt began to recover her skill, she made an effort to avoid clutter in her painting and her life. Her quiet, safe world is disrupted when an anonymous call to the police involves her in a case of forgery and art theft.


ISBN 13: 978-0-9838136-1-3

280 Pages


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Flowers for Her Grave

An old fashioned whodunnit!

A twenty year old murder in a small town awakens memories and  monsters. No one could have guessed the truth.


ISBN 13:978-0-9723541-9-6

280 pages



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The Woman in the Wing



For the majority of 'Rosie the Riveters' employed at defense plants, the work offers little in the way of excitement. That isn't true for Char Mercer and Ellie Frazier, who find their jobs at the factory anything but dull. Char, a grounded pilot, and Ellie, a cryptographer for the FBI, pose as riveters as they try to uncover Nazi agents thought to have infiltrated the plant. Ellie's brother, Dave Frazier, another federal agent and director of the investigation, discovers information that leads to the neighboring Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) air base. When he meets Char's commander, Emily Mathison, he finds his interest in national defense isn't the only attraction to the women pilot's program.


The Woman in the Wing is a historical mystery that takes place in a defense plant. This well-researched book offers a glimpse into the lives of women who served at home during World War II, and sheds some light on the seldom told stories of the women who ferried military planes from plants to air bases around the country.


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Seven Cities of Greed

A hand carved leather journal purchased at a Chicago book auction promises an adventure in New Mexico for Jacqueline Tracy and her friends, a group of women of a certain age. Instead, they find themselves followed by a modern day conquistador who will stop at nothing to have the book and the secrets it holds. 


ISBN: 978-0-9723541-7-2

282 Pages


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Mrs. Quigley's Kidnapping

"My name is Matilda Constance Draper. Folks still alive that aren't young enough to call me ma'am know me as Mattie. Like most people who've experienced this thing called life, I've seen good times and a few not so good times. That's how it goes. At sixty-seven, I'm old enough to know that things happen I can't control and it's up to me to do the best I can with the changes. I've also learned that if you make friends with pigeons, you have to be prepared to accept everything that comes with them. When I decided to work as a private investigator, I knew I'd be dealing with my share of crap."


When Mattie Draper opened her Chicago detective agency in 1968, she was one of only a handful of female Private Investigators nationwide. For the first three months, her cases offered no greater challenge than finding lost pets and wayward spouses—until someone kidnapped Diana Quigley. In a race to find the missing woman, Mattie tries to untangle the helpful information supplied by a growing lists of suspects


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