Odd how the creative power at once

 brings the whole universe to order

Virginia Woolf 


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Whether you were looking for this particular site, or came by way of a search engine query gone awry, please feel free to look around. I am Jean Sheldon, and although I have spent most of my life doing fine and graphic art, these days, I write mysteries. 


I'm beginning my 10th year as a mystery writer and as excited about every character and story as I was in 2004. I learn, and hopefully grow, with each book, not just as a writer, but as a person. The experience has been humbling, rewarding, exciting, frustrating, but most of all, it has shown me things in life I might not otherwise have seen. It has been a gift beyond my wildest imaginings. Do I sound like I enjoy my work?


There is much information on the site, so feel free to wander around or just check out my mysteries. The Woman in the Wing is a historical mystery about women pilots (WASP) and factory workers (Rosie the Riveter) during WWII. Seven Cities of Greed is an adventure in New Mexico, where I lived for over twenty years. It involves a group of women of a 'certain age' on a quest for adventure and the mythical 'Seven Cities of Gold'. Also available as an eBook is Mrs. Quigley's Kidnapping, about a female detective in Chicago in 1968, and in both eBook and print, Flowers for Her Grave, an old fashioned whodunit about two amateur sleuths in their early sixties intent on solving a 20-year-old crime. An Uncluttered Palette  is filled with art history, oil painting, forgery, and fun! In She Overheard Murder I introduce the characters of my new Nic & Nora Mystery series—mysteries solved by lesbian amateur detectives in post-World War II Chicago.


There are sample chapters of the books along with some examples of my artwork and a few smatterings of poetry, Want to know more about me?


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Please feel free to contact me with questions.


Coming in May 2014

A Nic & Nora Mystery

Book 2


Finalist 2014
Lambda Literary Award
& GCLS Goldie Award

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